Search Engine Optimization Digick

Technical SEO Services

For backend SEO analysis, site- or page-specific consultation or projects that exist outside the parameters of traditional on-page SEO offerings, your Digick team can provide additional technical support and implementation.

Technical SEO may include site crawls, landing page analyses, duplicate content checks, site health diagnoses and more. These services guarantee your web pages are indexable in search engines and follow industry best practices.

Website Audit Services

A comprehensive website audit varies in size and scope. Basic audit services include a list of existing site errors and a report for manually correcting them all.

More intensive site audits can entail a collection of a full-scale competitor and social analysis, a priority scorecard that ranks errors most in need of immediate attention, a formatted report detailing suggested adjustments and more.

Consultants start projects assessing the five most important aspects of your website, which are Indexability, Accessibility, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Competitive/Social Analysis.

Fixing site errors allows you to rank in SERPs, increase brand visibility and drive commercial value from your web properties.